Darn It Innovating Again
Online editing still sucks

Darn it, I’m innovating again.

I want the navigation in the blog and wiki to be special, yet still readable and usable for those with cookies turned off. I remain on a quest for vertical space.

This is a case for javascript. I hope.

With the proper cookie, show:

login or logout

if logged in, and an admin user, show “edit” on every page

if logged in, and not an admin user show “edit” on appropriate pages


comment - on the individual blog pages (maybe)



  • Without javascript show all these next to each other, like this:

Login Logout Help Edit RecentChanges Blog Wiki Archives Tags

  • With Javascript show the appropriate login/logout and the rest in a drop down menu

So I get three cookies from ikiwiki:



pandab.org ??

Now what? I am going to defer hacking on this for another day, but getting cookies is solved. Manipulating css is solvable - setting the display: none for sections that I don’t want to display is straightforward. I’d have to modify ikiwiki.cgi to generate a cookie that makes sense for general page permissions (and enforce better security on the backend), maybe a regexp of some kind that looks similar to how ikiwiki actually does things internally…

And I want the nav stuff to be deferred until late in the page.

Find me elsewhere.

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February 10, 2011
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