Designing for the Droid

I’ve been trying to design the CSS and templates this site uses to be usable at the resolutions the droid uses, maximizing the available width and height to be readable, and yet still have useful navigation.

With something like 200,000 activations/day for the droid, and the iphone running a little ahead of that, you’d think more people would be targetting content for these devices.

But so far, in my design, not a lot of luck. Screen space is at a premium. I sure would like Fitt’s law to apply to navigation, a drop down css menu bar that used a single pixel at the top would suit me fine.

For a while I was just using my droid to look at the output, but I installed a droid emulator yesterday and maybe I can automate pushing out web pages to it.

I did roll a little script to make adding posts easier:


pc - post create


Put in underscores

FILE=echo $* ]( tr ' ' '_' FILE=${FILE}.mdwn

P=pwd cd $BLOGDIR cp templates/dave_template.mdwn posts/$FILE git add posts/$FILE; emacsclient $BLOGDIR/posts/$FILE cd $P


I’m going to branch off the repository and use that for the styling and templating issues while I work on getting the content into the site, maybe make a mockup or two.

Not that it matters for the blog. I think the best way to read blog content on a handheld is with an RSS reader. I just haven’t found one yet I liked. Both Feedsquares and Newsrob depend on google reader and the last thing I want to cope with is having google in the middle of that transaction, if I don’t have to.

Find me elsewhere.

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February 10, 2011
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