Finally a showstopper bug

In realizing that the RSS feed had become the most important part of my old blog, I started looking at the RSS feeds ikiwiki generates. They are not very good.

Darn. I was getting close to being able to publish. Styling was getting close; I’d written some useful content. I may have to go back to zero now and evaluate other blikis. I filed a couple bugs over on the main ikiwiki, like More and RSS generation and Logout in ikiwiki, and I’m trying to remember the other bug I filed…


It looks like I can mangle the output template to do what I want. I want licencing, copyright, a description, subtitle, and a few other specific RSS features.

It would be cool if I could figure out how to generate permalinks correctly, too. Autodiscovery seems to be broken, too… I’d like to have a means of generating and enclosure, too… Then I’ll have it…

I figured out that autodiscovery did not work because the rss feed doesn’t like not being in the root of the site. This means it will work whenever I go up on the main site(s).

Update 2

OK, I don’t regard this as a showstopper anymore.

Along the way I noticed that my local apache server wasn’t listening on ipv6 (!!!!?) and that the popular service didn’t work over ipv6 at all. I emailed the feedvalidator mailing list about it, and got apache “doing the right thing” again, locally. I’m running an older version of ubuntu on my main server as well as debian, it looks like this is yet another annoying IPv6 breakage in the 10.04 Ubuntu release.

Getting Apache listening on ipv6 again was easy, I just added to /etc/apache/ports.conf:

Listen [::]:80


I installed feedvalidator locally. The feedvalidator code works over ipv6. Yea. I also got linkchecker installed. I swear I had a highly parallized linkchecker 0 this one is taking forever, even running locally….

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February 10, 2011
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