Got a Bliki

After a long fight with css to do most of what I want for blogging, I’ve added into the blog format, support for the in-built wiki as well. This combination of things will let me move items from “conversational” to serious as time goes by.

I am thinking that in the end the root page of the bliki will become rather highly dynamic (and have MUCH better css) - the thus far - losing - battle with my need for vertical space is driving me bats…

I still need default templates to do what I want, and navigation to work better, but I’m getting there.

I’m also currently in a losing battle with the web caching idea. The interactive web interface REALLY wants no caching turned on somehow. Pragma nocache?

It’s GREAT to be able to work in EITHER git and an editor or the web interface. Much faster turnaround times too.

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February 10, 2011
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