Most Milestones hit
After a long battle I finally have an ikiwiki based blog I liked

I’ve achieved most of what I set out to do for the core parts of this new blog. NeX-6 now supports multiple authors, commenting, replication/mirroring, local editing, RSS, git, and of course, a static page design that is really, really fast.

It earns a 98 on Yslow (on apache) and a 94 (on lighttpd). I have to figure out how to make the eTags on the two mirrored servers work together and Expirebytype on lighttppd, but that’s it for optimizations on the web server side unless I come up with something cleverer.

Running on my laptop, it’s under .1 second to load the main page.

Inside of my own network, the openrd box serves up most content in less than 60ms, of which about 16ms is spent on DNS lookup. Roughly 50ms later, everything renders. Getting the typical blogpage down to .1 second was my goal. I almost got there! I am seeing a paint event out at .5 seconds for some reason…

It’s like, real, now.

For comparison, a single page on my main blog (which admittedly has way more stuff on it) currently takes 4.3 seconds to load, and that’s in the USA! In Nica it was way worse, in either case, well beyond my personal tolerance level. There’s all kinds of stuff in The Bleeding Edge that I’d forgotten about - technorati, google adsense, feedburner, all kinds of javascript css - does any of this stuff do me any good?

Left to do is better handheld support, I just need to increase the font size in certain spots and I think I’ll be in business. It’ll hurt my yslow score for sure and will require testing against oodles of browsers, too. Just as well add that to the test plan….

During the entire development phase I was running my house network purely under IPv6. I’d talk about that, but it required so much setup that I’ll leave that for another day. I enjoyed playing with the chromium browser tools as well as yslow, and hacking on the CSS, etc, but it’s time to get to the real work now - getting a ton of org-mode content into a wiki format and fix a boatload of broken links.

But first I’m going to take a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Update: although my local newsreader reads my RSS just fine, facebook is failing to import and I fail a few feedvalidator checks… darn it… twiddling…

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February 10, 2011
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