Anti-Spam malfunction
rbl's are not always acting in our best interest

Back in 2012, when things were tough, someone tried to find a way to help the bufferbloat effort, only to have some anti-spam software drop it on the way to me.

I found out years later…

PS: BTW, I tried to send $10K as an unsolicited personal donation to Dave Taht last year for his bufferbloat work, but couldn’t get a response from him. I think his mail system is censoring my emails, and he didn’t publish contact info other than an email address.

It’s bothered me ever since that we’ve outsourced so much of the conversation to algorithms doing their best to stop actual spam, that could also be subverted for other purposes. I’ve lost multiple emails outgoing to including too many urls, for example. I’ve started keeping multiple accounts on multiple providers to cross check what gets through and what doesn’t. I’ve looked into new, e2e encrypted forms of communication such at ToX and dark mail.

The only answer I’ve come up with that works for now was to turn off non-starttls based email exchange, and that cuts off too many people, now, too. I hate having no emacs interface to g+ and skype, and for that matter, Qtox.

And I worry that a bad actor could subvert the rbl system for other purposes.

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March 14, 2014
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